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Butchers Bowling Alley Wax
Butchers Bowling Alley Wax, Clear Paste Wax.

Butchers Bowling Alley Wax, Clear Paste Wax, 16 oz. Can.

Butchers Bowling Alley wax is America's Favorite clear paste wax. The 100 year old proprietary formula is unsurpassed for waxing window jambs, parting beads, stops and the edges of sash. Easily applied, it has an extraordinary ability to reduce friction in sash. In fact, oftentimes a mere application of Butchers Bowling Alley wax will free up windows (and drawers as well!) that have been stuck for years. You will be amazed. The wax is silicone free and thus will not harm finishes.

In addition professional wood workers know that this wax is the best protectant for woodworking machinery tables and tools. It will prevent rust as well as serve to lubricate the table or bed so material will feed easily through jointers, planers, shapers and hand planes.

(Call 401/954-9431 for quantity discounts.)

Returns must be made within 60 days of invoice date and have prior approval. Items must arrive in original, new condition. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking charge.

Butchers Bowling Alley Wax, Clear Paste Wax, 16 oz. Can

price:  $18.99, per 16 oz. can

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