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Brass Window Sash Pulley

"I wanted to let you know that the sash pulleys are a huge success and the state architect has decided to specify your product for all of the Oregon lighthouse work. Thanks for providing a great product."

-- Richard De Wolf, Founder Arciform LLC

Window Sash Pulley PBB-225

Window Sash Pulley PBB-225, installed with chain (not included), finish jamb view.
Window Sash Pulley PBB-225

Window Sash Pulley PBB-225, installed, view from backside chase.
Window Sash Pulley PBB-225

Window Sash Pulley PBB-225, shown in four finishes.

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We are pleased to offer two versions of our popular brass window sash pulley. We believe these to be the finest pulleys available in appearance, durability and function, bar none.

The great care we have taken in the design of these pulleys can be seen in the precisely machined faceplate thickness, width and the radiused ends which allow for very rapid, simple and accurate mortising for the faceplate with a standard 1-1/8" diameter router bit. The one piece, machined, solid brass forged housing is designed to shield the ball bearing and axle, preventing dirt and grit from affecting the bearing, thus assuring many decades of easy operation.The pulley wheel is CNC machined from solid stock. The pulley utilizes a chromed steel axle and sealed ball bearing and is available in five finishes: Oil Rubbed Bronze, Unlacquered Brass, Lacquered Brass, Polished Nickel and Satin Nickel.

Model PBB 225 pulleys are designed for sash weights up to 1-3/4" diameter when used in typical 7/8" thick jambs, while the model PBB 250 pulleys are designed for use with large, heavy sash weights up to 2-1/4" diameter when used in typical 7/8" thick jambs. Both pulleys accommodate the full range of sash chain, however the use of the larger #35 and #45 chain is strongly recommended for use with heavier sash and the PBB 250 pulleys. Use of bronze or stainless steel sash chain with these pulleys virtually eliminates all maintenance to the weight and pulley system.

Sold by the single piece (1) or in packs of four (4).

(Call 401/954-9431 for quantity discounts.)

Faceplate:   1-1/8" X 5-7/16"

Housing:   2-7/8" X 7/8" X 1-7/8" deep

Returns must be made within 60 days of invoice date and have prior approval. Items must arrive in original, new condition. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking charge.

Sash Pulley PBB-225

Select Metal Finish

Sash Pulley PBB-225  (4 Pack)

Select Metal Finish

Sash Pulley PBB-250

Selected Metal Finish

Sash Pulley PBB-250 (4 Pack)

Selected Metal Finish

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