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Storm Hanging Hardware

"We are very impressed with the quality of your storm window hardware. We installed 20 units in a 1830 New England colonial and are extremely pleased with the end results. "

-- Alfred and Karen G., Wilton, CT

Window Sash Storm Hanger

1830 New England colonial, installed - Wilton, CT.
Window Sash Storm Retaining Clip

Window Sash Storm Retaining Clip, shown holding the storm window tightly closed.
Window Sash Storm Hanger

Window Sash Storm Hanger, used in pairs, detail.

(Click on images to enlarge. Scroll down page to purchase storm hangers and clips.)

Our storm sash hanging hardware has been designed for either flush or surface mounting of traditional 1-1/8" thick storm and/or screen sash.

All of the hardware is stainless steel and comes with the necessary mounting screws.

There are 4 ordering options for our storm sash mounting hardware:

  • Option "A" - sets consist of: two head casing mounted brackets, two sash mounted hangers and 2 traditional retaining clips that utilize a carriage bolt and butterfly nut at the bottom of the sash to pull the stiles up tight to the exterior casing or blind stop. In this case, no provision is made to allow for the propping open of the storm in pleasant weather.
  • Option "B" - sets consist of: two head casing mounted brackets and two sash mounted hangers - this set omits the retaining clips and is intended to be used with our popular SA-01 storm stays (purchase separately). This excellent system provides flexibility to secure the storm shut in cold weather while also allowing the storm to be easily propped open for ventilation.
  • Option "C" - half sets: These are used when a window is already fitted with a storm sash using our brackets and a screen is desired for the warmer months. This set omits the brackets (because they are already present on your head casings) and the bolt, clip and wing-nut assembly (because you swap out the assembly from your storms).
  • Option "RC" - retaining clips: Used when storms exist, but a traditional manner for securing the stiles is desired.

All the above ordering options can be ordered individually OR as a "4 Pack".

(Storm hanging tip: our Acro Numbering Tacks are a timesaving addition to your storm and screen sash. No more frustrating guess-work when putting up your sash!)

(Call 401/954-9431 for quantity discounts.)

Returns must be made within 60 days of invoice date and have prior approval. Items must arrive in original, new condition. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking charge.

Storm Sash Mounting Hardware, Option "A"

price:  $18.99

Storm Sash Mounting Hardware, Option "A" (4 Pack)

price:  $67.96

Storm Sash Mounting Hardware, Option "B"

price:  $15.99

Storm Sash Mounting Hardware, Option "B" (4 Pack)

price:  $55.96

Storm Sash Mounting Hardware, Option "C"

price:  $9.99

Storm Sash Mounting Hardware, Option "C" (4 Pack)

price:  $36.96

Storm Sash Retaining Clip, Pair Option "RC"

price:  $5.99

Storm Sash Retaining Clip, Pair Option "RC" (4 Pack)

price:  $19.99

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