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New wood storm windows for energy efficiency.
Apart from their thermal efficiency, these wood storms dampen street noise and other noise pollution. (Chase project detail, see full elevation below.)
Traditional Wood Storm Windows for Energy Efficiency

Smith Restoration Sash complete reproduction wood window systems for the historic buildings new period style homes, including energy efficient traditional storm windows. For decades, the replacement window industry has sponsered studies to prove that traditional window systems aren't energy efficient. These studies pitted their new windows against poorly maintained wood storm windows nearly a century old; not a fair contest. Our meticulously crafted window and storm systems are made from stable, carefully selected wood, using the highest quality hardware for years of abuse. Not only do our wooden storm windows meet or exceed modern standards for energy efficiency, but they will outlast modern replacement windows many times over. Think twice before you get onto the window replacement merry go round.

If you have a question about energy efficient wood storm windows, call us or write us and we'll be happy to respond. Contact us by email or call our office at 401/954-9431. 

Historic windows with wooden storm windows.
These traditional wood storm windows present a traditional look as well as thermal efficiency. (The historic Chase house in East Providence, RI.)

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